¡1 September!

In-person programme

For girls aged 14–16
Shadowing programme for students from secondary school through to university. Madrid, Santander, León, Zamora, Salamanca, Valladolid, Palencia, Burgos, Soria, Segovia and Ávila.


¡1 September!

Online programme.

For girls aged 14–18
Short 7-month programme.
Online training in Spanish.
100% online


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The world is undergoing profound transformation. Digitization is an unstoppable force that impacts every aspect of society, and STEM subjects are fundamental to developing ever-better solutions that help meet people’s needs and protect our planet.

Which is why STG wants to show you everything STEM has to offer before you make life-defining academic and professional decisions.

STEM TALENT GIRL is a 7-month training programme that runs parallel to the school year and in which we’ll help you understand yourself better, identify your talent and discover how to develop your full potential. And when you’ve finished we’ll show you how to tell which professions have the brightest future, will be in greatest demand and will make the biggest contribution to society.

On our fun-packed innovative programme you’ll discover the latest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) and entrepreneurship with the support of outstanding female practitioners and leading executives, preparing you to make the leap and meet the new challenges that lie ahead.

You’ll have access to the most innovative educational resources available, allowing you to learn interactively. These tools will help you enormously as you pursue your studies and will complement your training.

¡Sign up at your local STG centre or, if you don’t have one nearby, enrol on our online programme!

The three stops on the route


Aimed at girls aged 14–16. Experience a best-in-class in-person programme that will identify your talent, develop your potential and open a window onto the thrilling world of STEM, all facilitated by incredible female executives.


Aimed at girls aged 16–20 who have already completed Science For Her. In this mentoring programme, students are mentored by STEM practitioners who support and guide their academic and professional development.



Aimed at female university students and new graduates in the STG Alumni community, participants form part of a talent acquisition and employability programme supported by mentoring and training on how to access scholarships and internships at the country’s top companies.

todo empieza en..

talent search

¿Qué es? El Talent Search (búsqueda del talento) es un modelo reconocido internacionalmente para la identificación de las altas capacidades y el talento.



Su objetivo es doble: por una parte identificar las aptitudes intelectuales de las alumnas e informarlas acerca de sus capacidades. Y  por otra, posibilitar el acceso a los programas de STEM TALENT GIRL.



El proceso de Talent Search se realiza en dos fases: “in level” y “out of level”.

    • En la fase in level las alumnas realizan test acordes a la edad y curso de las alumnas.
    • En la fase out of level las alumnas realizan test dos cursos por encima del correspondiente al curso actual de la alumna.


Se entrega a las familias un informe personalizado de cada alumna con los resultados del test “in level” y el “out of level” evaluando y dando feedback sobre las aptitudes intelectuales de las alumnas.