Proyecto educativo y formativo para el desarrollo del talento y el fomento de vocaciones científicas y tecnológicas dirigido específicamente a mujeres con el objetivo de inspirar y empoderar a niñas y adolescentes para que prosigan brillantes carreras STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering y Mathematics) mentorizadas por mujeres que desarrollan actividades profesionales en el ámbito de la ciencia y la tecnología.




FECHA DE MASTERCLASS:  16 / 03 / 2019


Co-founder and Innovation Strategy Director at X23 | Co-founder and Leader at the Lean in EU Women Business Angels Community
Project Coordinator at the Migrants Empowerment for Change project (ME4Change)
Co-founder at EXOO23|Radical™ high-growth programme
Leader at the Global Startup Award South Europe
Global Coach and Mentor

Marika Mazzi Boém is a serial entrepreneur and a high skilled professional with a 25+ background experience in the field of action marketing, business strategy, business planning, international relations, cross-communication.

A background in the marketing and advertising fields at WCJ (Young&Rubicam, now WPP group), she co-founded X23, a private research center and a business support organisation based in Rome, Milan and with branches in Europe.  X23 is active in the field of ICT technology, radical innovations, technology transfer, smart capital, business strategy, sales acceleration, channel development working in close cooperation with corporates, large, medium and small enterprises, startups, universities and research centres, public authorities, international organisations. X23 is focused on tackling global societal challenges.
Marika is committed to support young entrepreneurs, startups and companies to boost their growth and their potentials onto the market. She is focused on innovation; – in business, in ideas, in people, etc.-, and this drives her passion, fully convinced this is a powerful lever for people progressing as human beings and ultimately as businesses.
She believes in the outstanding power of networking and relations to create opportunities and for inspiring the change in most of the relevant social challenges our society is facing today.
She designed, led, and managed several international projects focused on different challenges and verticals (from cultural heritage to tech-food; from tourism to space downstream market sector; from migration to gender equality, female empowerment and leadership; from digital skills training programmes to STEM ones delivered to kids and the youth).
She co-founded the Lean In the EU Women Business Angels Community project, the 1st EU community of Women Investors.
She plays the role of Industry Expert at the European Commission and currently leads X23 Business Unit and the EXOO23|Radical™ high-growth programme.
She lead the Global Startup Award South Europe (SASE), an initiative part of the Global Startup Award network to reward the best startups in South Europe, present in over 60 countries of 3 continents.
Mentor at the PWN for the WE+ mentoring programme, Mentor at the Copernicus Accelerator Programme, facilitator at Soliya and at the Sharing Perspective Foundation (Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange Programme), member at the European Business Angels Network, speaker at worldwide conferences on gender balance, gender equality, women in business and women in technology, STEM (Webit Festival, WIN Global Conference, European Women in Payment Network – EWPN, etc.).
Proud mother of 4.