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FECHA DE MASTERCLASS:  23 / 02 / 2019


Dr. Gloria I. López is a Colombo-Canadian Geologist, expert in sedimentology, surface processes, coastal geology (evolution), luminescence dating (also known as optical dating or OSL) and Quaternary geochronology, coastal geoarchaeology, petrophysics and mineralogy.

Dr. López has extensive field and research experience along the coasts and some intra-mountain terrains of Colombia, Chile, Mexico, West Coast of Canada, the Panhandle of Florida U.S.A., the Eastern Mediterranean, Eastern Africa, Gibraltar, Southern Spain and Japan. Her major research interests focus on the reconstruction of palaeoenvironmental histories and coastal evolution with applications to sea level change, understanding surface and sedimentological processes, and deciphering chronologies.

Dr. López is interested in developing new sedimentological and luminescence proxies, combined with petrophysics and mineralogy, to be used as novel applications in palaeoseismology, tsunami research, event stratigraphy, and sediment transport. Her chronologies and most recent hypotheses are currently extended onto major known tsunami deposits around the World, both modern and ancient, such as those found within low-elevation coastal lakes and estuarine marshes (Vancouver Island, Canada), beaches and lagoons (Japan, Mexico), shallow continental shelf marine realm and coastal archaeological sites (Israel), and dense tropical jungle and mangrove rainforests (Colombia).

She received her Honours undergrad degree with cum laude in Geology (coastal geology) in1993 at EAFIT University, Medellin, Colombia. Specialization in Marine Geology, 1996, U Concepción, Chile. Then M.Sc. in Geology (palaeoseismology & tsunami deposits) in 2002 at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Awarded with a Ph.D. in Geology (geochronology: luminescence dating & coastal geology) in 2007 from McMaster University, Ontario, Canada. Post-Doc in luminescence dating and Geoarchaeology at Geological Survey of Israel and University of Haifa from 2011-2013. Diploma in Natural Disasters in 2015 at UNAM, Mexico.

Dr. López is currently an Affiliated Scientist of the Recanati Institute of Marine Studies (RIMS) of the University of Haifa, Israel, a geoarchaeological research institute, and is the Head and R esearch Group Leader of the Luminescence Dating Laboratory at the CENIEH (National Research Center for Research on Human Evolution) in Burgos, Spain.