Almudena Moreno Hernández

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With f, of future.



Telefónica Open Future.

Almudena began her professional career in 2000, in a start-up named PinesaenRed, which extolled the value of viral marketing and netweaving on the internet. The objective of this start-up was to create the first company based on advances in social network theory and experiment with the use of the internet to create conversational communities. The cyberpunk and free software movement would mark its future vision of the digital world.

In 2002, she joined the team at Telefónica where she worked as a manger in different departments of the business, analysing the value of the digitalisation of systems and processes in Spanish companies and implementing 360º digitalisation in the DNA of Spanish businesses. Being competitive and unique in a world where borders are becoming more blurred and in which it is difficult to stand out from the crowd is essential, while relationship processes with clients, providers, employees, etc. must be distinctive and open.

Almudena then joined the Business Strategy and Acceleration Department, the embryo of what is today known as Telefónica Open Future_, Telefónica’s open innovation programme is available to public and private partners to construct local ecosystems of entrepreneurship, innovation and investment, and develops its work in Spain and Latin America by driving, creating and developing local ecosystems through alliances and the unfurling of crowdworking spaces.

Graduate in Law from CEU San Pablo University in Madrid, Mastaire d’Études Européennes, DESS. (Diploma for Specialised University Studies) from the University of Paris III: Sorbonne Nouvelle, and a Masters in Business Management from ESIC Marketing and Business School.

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